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Quote: 395; Rating: 4; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Wednesday, 25th January 2017
* DukePyrolator gives channel half-operator status to SaberUK
<DukePyrolator> because she is a girl!
<RipZ> Favouritism /_(*~*)_\     ;)
<SaberUK> \msg DukePyrolator thanks for the halfop i'll be around to give you the sex i promised as a bribe later
<SaberUK> shit!
<haltdef> :o
<DukePyrolator> :D
Quote: 394; Rating: 2; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Tuesday, 24th January 2017
<Techman> I appreciate the help SaberUK and Viper gave me a few months ago
<Techman> Finally got my foot in the door for writing C++, and using the Anope API
<Techman> I don't remember what Cronus taught me, if anything at all
<Cronus> to know when to shut your fucking mouth
Quote: 393; Rating: 2; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Sunday, 15th January 2017
<%chaz> wtf is five guys
<%chaz> other than a bad porno
<%Cronus> burger place
<%chaz> sounds gay
<haltdef> you'd love it then
<%chaz> touche.
<%Cronus> BOOM
<%chaz> dick.
<%chaz> sigh
<%chaz> just realised that didnt help my case
<haltdef> :D
<%Cronus> lololololpl
<%chaz> my next line of fuck you and all of your mates wasn't much better
Quote: 392; Rating: 26; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Friday, 12th February 2016
* dax rattles pancakes
* pancakes looks confused
* dax waits 5 seconds for the froth to settle
* dax pours dan a milkshake from pancakes' boob
{ & | dan } ty
{ dax } bon apetite dan
{ dax } it's mammory flavoured
{ dax } el naturale
{ pancakes } Young fresh cool milk
{ pancakes } :)
{ dax } shaken, not stirred
Quote: 391; Rating: 41; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Friday, 21st August 2015
* Joins: nhoya [] [0 Clones]
* UnrealHelper sets mode: +b nhoya!*@*
* nhoya was kicked by UnrealHelper [Failed Quiz. You may take the quiz again after 24 hours.]
Quote: 390; Rating: 38; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Friday, 19th June 2015
* Cronus licks Yoerger
* @Yoerger hides in a corner
<DukePyrolator> you can stay here and lick and kiss and hold you all the day
* DukePyrolator ( has left #gay
Quote: 389; Rating: 28; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Saturday, 18th April 2015
<Urine_Bubbles> Women have smaller hands to make the penis feel bigger, and men have bigger hands to make the vagina feel tighter, both boosting the ego of the opposite gender.
Quote: 388; Rating: 22; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Tuesday, 21st April 2015
{ @ | Aaron } weeeeeeeeeeeeee
{ @ | Aaron } surprise surprise!
{ % | dax } put your pants back on, it's not that impressive >_<
Quote: 387; Rating: 34; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Thursday, 16th April 2015
{ + | Aaron|phone } Wind is south haha our cow manure is headin towards them atm
{ % | dax } which explains why hollywood's latest batch of movies are shit
Quote: 386; Rating: 17; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Saturday, 04th April 2015
* DukePyrolator sets mode: +v Yoerger
<~DukePyrolator> now you have voice
<~DukePyrolator> you are important now
Quote: 385; Rating: 31; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Friday, 03rd April 2015
<@Adam> if you cannot read and comprehend configuration files you should not be running services
<@Adam> especially when you are directly linked to them lol
< Dione> I can read and comprehend
< Dione> I just did a whole configuration for unreal and anope services
< Dione> this just doesnt make sense
<@Adam> what protocol module did you load in services?
< Dione> inspircd20
<@Adam> what ircd are you using?
< Dione> unreal Unreal
<@Adam> does this sound like a problem?
< Dione> i dunno
Quote: 384; Rating: 20; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Sunday, 21st December 2014
<%Attila> hey Cronus
<%Attila> Adam hat time
-- Attila is now known as Attila|}o
<%Cronus> looks better the other way
<@Adam> oh it probably is
<@Adam> youre wearing it on your ass you realize
<%Cronus> rofl
-- Adam is now known as o{|Adam
<%Attila|}o> fml
<%Cronus> isnt he foreign?
<%Cronus> maybe thats how they do it there
-- Attila|}o is now known as o{|Attila
-- Cronus is now known as o{|Cronus|}o
<%o{|Cronus|}o> Cant get more Christmas than I
Quote: 383; Rating: 19; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Sunday, 21st December 2014
<%o{|Attila> dan its a hat you should wear one
<@o{|Adam> a santa hat not just a hat pfft
<%o{|Cronus> santa isnt real though
<@o{|Adam> he doesnt have to be real to have a hat
<%o{|Cronus> sorry kids
Quote: 382; Rating: 27; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Monday, 20th October 2014
<+beorn> Security is SEP.
<+grawity> SEP?
< Sporks> Somebody Else's Problem
<+beorn> Sporks knows what's up
< Sporks> Not a clue.
<+beorn> I know.
Quote: 381; Rating: 21; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Wednesday, 17th September 2014
{ Aaron } hrm dax?
* +dax belts the californian around until he's fully alert
{ Aaron } i dunno, really technology is just amusing me again i guess
{ + | dax } oh god, he found the fleshlight again
{ @ | ultra_ } lol
{ Aaron } no no, just ordered a new stroker, dont need a fleshlight =P
{ + | dax } ye gods
{ + | dax } worn your wrists out that much, have you?!
Quote: 380; Rating: 27; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Monday, 15th September 2014
{ % | Aaron } brit
{ % | Aaron } nvm
{ brit } mmm
{ brit } Aaron
{ brit } what
{ % | Aaron } nothing ;)
{ brit } no no
{ brit } hate that
{ brit } aron ask
{ % | Aaron } i just wanted to see a pic of you
{ % | Aaron } lol
{ brit } ah pic
{ + | dax } preferably n00dz if you got 'em
* %Aaron laughs
{ + | dax } you don't get points for not trying
{ brit } i got pic
{ + | dax } well, where is it
{ + | dax } aaaaw she's gone all shy all of a sudden
{ + | dax } no amount of photoshopping is going to truly cut off that cock, brit
{ brit } oh the pic
{ brit } sorry
{ + | dax } that got her attention
{ % | Aaron } LOL
Quote: 379; Rating: 33; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Wednesday, 03rd September 2014
* dax is henceforth known as PingBad
» Unable to identify for nick: PingBad
{ PingBad } oh what the flying fsck
{ PingBad } who stole my nick?!
{ black_mage } I do believe it was U
{ PingBad } it was?
{ black_mage } NO idea
* PingBad tries a couple of passwords
» Identified for nick: PingBad
{ PingBad } oh, so it was
Quote: 378; Rating: 32; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Wednesday, 20th August 2014
<%Yoerger> I'll pay you, but not for Web Design.
<%n0kS> Yoerger you're on the man-man side of the road I'd guess?
<%n0kS> I wouldnt like to suck a penis, depends on the price though :p
<%Yoerger> Noted.
Quote: 377; Rating: 32; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Monday, 23rd June 2014
* Sh1G3rU licks Jobe && Yoerger
* %Yoerger spits in Sh1G3rU's ear
* %Jobe stabs Yoerger
* Sh1G3rU watches Yoerger bleed
* %Yoerger hisses
* %Yoerger scurries away limping
Quote: 376; Rating: 27; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Wednesday, 11th June 2014
<%Cronus> Adam what if i dont like to read
<%Cronus> Can I wait for the movie?
<@Adam> anope: the movie
<@Adam> !
<%Cronus> yup
<%Attila> starring
<%Attila> <mRCUTEO> been in a mental hospital for almost 3 years and never touch irc.. now seeneverything has
<%Attila> guest stars
<%Attila> <Yoerger> Arabic has been the declared language of Egypt for over 300 years. So.
<%Attila> <kesho> You Do want it and don't get it?
<%Attila> action packed bans
<%Attila> funny infobot quotes
<%Yoerger> Oh dear god
<%Attila> computer hacking
<%Attila> > u2()->super_admin = false;
<%Attila> and logic twists
<%Attila> <Cronus> if (!user->super_admin = true)
<%Cronus> ffs Attila
<%Cronus> what you just did was genius
<%Cronus> but fk u at the same time
Quote: 375; Rating: 25; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Saturday, 07th June 2014
<DukePyrolator> you need to learn
<kIsHo> What does it mean learn
Quote: 374; Rating: 24; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Wednesday, 30th April 2014
<@Adam> have you ever compiled c++ on pentium 3
<@Adam> chaz has
<@Adam> you have to go do friggin errands
<@Adam> and come back
<@Adam> and then go and do more
<@Adam> and then come back
<@Adam> and it might be halfway done
Quote: 373; Rating: 27; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Thursday, 17th April 2014
People are like stained - glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed...
Quote: 372; Rating: 39; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Saturday, 08th February 2014
{ & | Timmy } here i am
* Quits: &Timmy [] [Ping timeout: 248 seconds]
{ dax } and there he goes
Quote: 371; Rating: 32; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Friday, 07th February 2014
<%Jobe> I actually managed to fluff hello world
<%Jobe> :'(
<%Jobe> and it took me 9 minutes to notice
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