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<Jellis1> administrating systems/servers/... is not -THAT- easy, that's why most of us are addicted to some type of coffee or beer xD
* dax is still attempting to invent caffienated beer
<dax> birds and stones...
<Jellis1> oh the day you do
<dax> or alcoholic coffee
<Jellis1> PLEASE let me know
<Jellis1> xD
<dax> I'll sell stocks in the company that licenses the recipe
<Jellis1> ah since I am in fact your best friend, and you stole the idea from me, you'll give me 50% shares right?
<Jellis1> reminds me of the Social Network
<Jellis1> xD
<dax> sure
<dax> I'll share 50% of the recipe with you
<dax> :)
<Jellis1> whahahaha
<Jellis1> touche!
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