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<dax> am I alone in thinking that README documents should have ASCII porn in them?
<dax> people would pay more fucking attention if they did
<Erik> lol
<Erik> too bad someone would end up using some stupid proportional font and ruin the pr0nz
<dax> I was thinking having something at the end of the README a link to a page where you fill out a quiz (where the answers are found in the README file) that if succesfully completed rewards the luser with pr0n and a rickroll if they phail
<Erik> ascii goatse if they fail
<dax> "Congratulations, you have configured unrealircd - for free porn, please complete the survey at this link: ...."
<dax> what if they like goatse?
<Erik> idk ascii tubgirl?
<dax> the question still stands
<Erik> cant please everyone
<dax> if it involves naked orifices there is bound to be someone who'll get off to it
<dax> nobody wanks over a rickroll
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