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<zchrykng> Off to dinner for me. See you all later.
* NeoBogan swipes a plateful from zchrykng's table
<NeoBogan> it's lasagne, right? :)
<zchrykng>  NeoBogan: bison burgers from Ted's
<NeoBogan> never had bison burger before
* NeoBogan devours
<zchrykng> A lot like beef, leaner more flavor.
<NeoBogan> so would be good in lasagne or spagbol
<NeoBogan> good to know :)
<NeoBogan> pity we don't get bison in NZ :(
<zchrykng> At least the only deadly animals you have are imported.
* NeoBogan checks the customs manifest
<NeoBogan> no, we don't import our politicians...
<zchrykng> Hah
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