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<IDoH> Phishing Wikipedians sounds like a bad idea. We're pretty smart.
* k1wi reels IDoH in
<k1wi> oooh! I got a guppy!
<+Oshwah> lol
* k1wi gets the fire going
<+Oshwah> LOL... us... smart....
<IDoH> k1wi: Correction, you got a horse. ;-)
<k1wi> ok, so I'm going to need a hell of a rotissary for this
<k1wi> fine fine...
* k1wi drags over the rotissary and sets it up
<+Oshwah> The same site where admin accounts get compromised and trolls have a shopping spree of disruption on the site till a Stew kills it.
<IDoH> Oshwah: Well, some of us are, anyways. The rest are being cooked over a camp fire.
<+Oshwah> Right. We're definitely smart editors lol
<k1wi> horse stew, gotcha
<+Oshwah> IDoH: LOL
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