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Quote: 403; Rating: 6; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Wednesday, 25th October 2017
<%Cronus> i think its time we search up dax quotes on
<dax> go for it
<dax> some real goldie ones in there too
<%Cronus> there are
<Techman> I've never made it to the hall of fame
< *> Techman shits out a golden quote
<Techman> okay, stick that in there Cronus
Quote: 365; Rating: -12; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Sunday, 08th December 2013
<%Cronus> the fuck is a Yoerger ;p
Quote: 376; Rating: 31; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Wednesday, 11th June 2014
<%Cronus> Adam what if i dont like to read
<%Cronus> Can I wait for the movie?
<@Adam> anope: the movie
<@Adam> !
<%Cronus> yup
<%Attila> starring
<%Attila> <mRCUTEO> been in a mental hospital for almost 3 years and never touch irc.. now seeneverything has
<%Attila> guest stars
<%Attila> <Yoerger> Arabic has been the declared language of Egypt for over 300 years. So.
<%Attila> <kesho> You Do want it and don't get it?
<%Attila> action packed bans
<%Attila> funny infobot quotes
<%Yoerger> Oh dear god
<%Attila> computer hacking
<%Attila> > u2()->super_admin = false;
<%Attila> and logic twists
<%Attila> <Cronus> if (!user->super_admin = true)
<%Cronus> ffs Attila
<%Cronus> what you just did was genius
<%Cronus> but fk u at the same time
Quote: 255; Rating: 13; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Saturday, 26th December 2009
<~chaz> if I could spell I wouldn't be on irc.
Quote: 387; Rating: 46; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Thursday, 16th April 2015
{ + | Aaron|phone } Wind is south haha our cow manure is headin towards them atm
{ % | dax } which explains why hollywood's latest batch of movies are shit
Quote: 221; Rating: 3; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Monday, 16th February 2009
<~tar-xvf> Io, what is mooncup?
<+Io> Already glined i suppose.
Quote: 170; Rating: 10; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Saturday, 20th September 2008
<chaz> i broke anope :)
Quote: 226; Rating: 9; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Sunday, 22nd March 2009
19:51 [Users #o_O]
19:51 [~P] [&e] [@n] [%i] [+s]
Quote: 374; Rating: 22; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Wednesday, 30th April 2014
<@Adam> have you ever compiled c++ on pentium 3
<@Adam> chaz has
<@Adam> you have to go do friggin errands
<@Adam> and come back
<@Adam> and then go and do more
<@Adam> and then come back
<@Adam> and it might be halfway done
Quote: 364; Rating: 15; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Thursday, 05th December 2013
<Meow> Yoerger: QuizMaster died
<Yoerger> QuizMaster filled the empty void in my life
<DukePyrolator> Yoerger: there will be a new quizbot soon (saturday morning I think)
<DukePyrolator> learn the names of famous pr0n actors in case it will be asked on the next quiz
<Yoerger> I'm gonna go study right now.
Quote: 271; Rating: 4; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Saturday, 17th July 2010
{ dax } why, oh why, is my insomnia going nuts...
{ dax } the last line of code I wrote was well over 6 hours ago :/
{ & | dope } i keep pulling muscles and in generally feeling like crap.
{ & | dope } ooo .. a coder.. you guys are crazy! lol
{ dax } of course i'm crazy
* dax is so crazy that even the psychiatrists won't take their chances with me
{ & | dope } you have to be crazy to sit in front of a computer for days on end perfecting whatever it is your perfecting.
* &dope works in communications
{ dax } well, hopefully I'll have an AI equivilent of CBX soon >_>
{ dax } after a random number of messages to a channel, it'll just say "I don't care" and then idle for a random amount of time until triggered again
{ dax } nobody would ever notice the difference
{ & | dope } lol
Quote: 261; Rating: -8; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Wednesday, 10th February 2010
<Tramp> Laura once knocked my dick with her foot last year and I bled everywhere,
<Tramp> complete accident
Quote: 354; Rating: -12; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Sunday, 15th September 2013
<Global> ChanServ: Bouncy modes on channel #boobies
Quote: 287; Rating: 10; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Sunday, 06th March 2011
year 2005, #denora:

* Joins: Hal9000 (
<Hal9000> shit
<Hal9000> what a night
<MaOaM> hi, same here *g*
<Hal9000> we got so much in trouble with the police
<Hal9000> 7 police cars got here
<DukePyrolator> lol
<Hal9000> wtf
<DukePyrolator> tell me more :)
<Hal9000> we had this party outside, which we have every summer since like 10 years
<Hal9000> this time some asshole kept calling the police cause he couldn't sleep
<Hal9000> at 1:00 we were forced to shut the music down
<Hal9000> so I went into my appartment, turned the pc on and put 2 nice loudspeakers on the balcony
<Hal9000> the police then stormed my appartment
<DukePyrolator> loool
<Hal9000> they broke the dor open cause nobody opened
<Hal9000> guess i got to pay for it
<Hal9000> damn!!!!
<Hal9000> i'm so fucking pissed you have no idea
Quote: 336; Rating: 22; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Thursday, 01st November 2012
<~DukePyrolator> is there a way to prevent executing "make -j" when there are no paramaters? I nearly dos'ed myself a while ago.
Quote: 62; Rating: 39; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Tuesday, 16th October 2007
< _MATT> stupid clever people
< _MATT> :(
Quote: 194; Rating: 22; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Tuesday, 11th November 2008
<&peer> `raw PRIVMSG #sex !login Wasszup!
-!- TheKing`KingBot [] has quit [User has been banned from Anope (Attempting to login to a GTBot)]
-!- TheKing [] has quit [User has been banned from Anope (Attempting to login to a GTBot)]
Quote: 326; Rating: 32; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Monday, 25th June 2012
<@Jobe> this isnt UnrealIRCd support
<Goodman> what are u talking?
* Goodman slaps Jobe around a bit with a large trout
<@Jobe> BBL
<Goodman> ?/
<Goodman> jobe fast
<Goodman> ??
<Goodman> Jobe is bad person
<Goodman> No moral person i have ever met
<Goodman> thank you for your information
<Goodman> and good bye
<Goodman> i will remember you thats how you treated me like this
<Goodman> !!!!!!!!!!
<Goodman> bad services
Goodman [~GoodMan@5BE9B758.309F6105.5963BF5B.IP] has left #anope
Quote: 300; Rating: 19; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Monday, 13th June 2011
<Tycoon> CyberBotX, are you humnoid or machine :P
<VisioN> Tycoon he is AI
<CyberBotX> Why do people ask that?  Seriously...
<Tycoon> CyberBotX, kick VisioN
<Tycoon> lol
<Tycoon> :P
<Tycoon> CyberBotX, would u like a drink ?
<CyberBotX> Let's not, I'd rather just ban the whole channel and be happy that way.
<Tycoon> lmao
<CyberBotX> chaz wouldn't mind, I don't think.
<VisioN> thats his way of saying he loves me
* Tycoon hands chaz a drink for CyberBotX  
<Tycoon> lol
<Tycoon> whats he coded in ?
<VisioN> Cpp
<Tycoon> i know that :P
<VisioN> he was written in C but we had to convert him to Cpp recently
<Tycoon> i just dont get sockets  lol
<Tycoon> how come ?
<VisioN> he was unstable
<CyberBotX> I'll show you unstable.
<Tycoon> CyberBotX, ur scaring away the users behave yourself
<VisioN> see, we added him response for all those cool words , he sounds like a person if you dont know any better
(NOTICE) -> -CyberBotX- this is so becoming a quote
(NOTICE) -CyberBotX- Uh huh...
<Tycoon> have u guys added commands so i can see what his responces are or how manny he has?
<VisioN> not yet, only CyberBotX admins can see those
<Tycoon> i see
<VisioN> he's anope's secret ace if you ask me
<CyberBotX> I'm not sure which is more pathetic, that he might actually believe that I'm a bot and not a person, or that it took 4 hours for him to even get Services running properly.
* VisioN crys
* Tycoon slaps CyberBotX
<VisioN> lmfao

then on my pm
<Tycoon> it really a person or a bot ?
Quote: 350; Rating: 27; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Thursday, 27th June 2013
(dax) ? failure
(dax) never more spoken has a truth been :)
(wheybags) ? ?
(wheybags) ? a
(~DukePyrolator) ** fail
(~DukePyrolator) ? ifail
(~DukePyrolator) ?? ifail
(~DukePyrolator) I'm sure this was added by amanda
(dax) step up, duke
(dax) take the credit for your misdeed
(dax) coward
(~DukePyrolator) ?? ifail
(~DukePyrolator) oh, "P"
(~DukePyrolator) Perihelion?
(Takkun) perv
(dax) patricia
(dax) aka duchesspyrolator
(dax) nothing surprises me anymore
Quote: 381; Rating: 33; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Wednesday, 17th September 2014
{ Aaron } hrm dax?
* +dax belts the californian around until he's fully alert
{ Aaron } i dunno, really technology is just amusing me again i guess
{ + | dax } oh god, he found the fleshlight again
{ @ | ultra_ } lol
{ Aaron } no no, just ordered a new stroker, dont need a fleshlight =P
{ + | dax } ye gods
{ + | dax } worn your wrists out that much, have you?!
Quote: 251; Rating: 57; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Thursday, 30th July 2009
<DukePyrolator> your german is worse than the english of a turk ;)
<Deadboys> probably
Quote: 5; Rating: -12; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Saturday, 25th August 2007
* Joins: Finland (
<Finland> Viper n00bie
<Finland> Because no you do not breed the /bostserv request?...... Equal the hostserv request!
<Finland> The botserv request he should be only one optimal creation!
<+Viper> uh?
<Jobe-Away> :O
* Jobe-Away thinks that's through a translator/mutilator
<+Viper> lol
<Jobe-Away> hai Viper
<+Viper> i breed ?
<Jobe-Away> you do?
<Jobe-Away> does your partner know?
<+Viper> lol he said so
<+Viper> no :p
<Jobe-Away> and there's a /bostserv request command in Anope?
<Jobe-Away> :S
<+Viper> not to my knowledge
<Jobe-Away> would be a nice module to allow requests for additional bots
<+Viper> dang!
<Jobe-Away> but a good network would reject most on the grounds of unneccesary
<Jobe-Away> ;)
<+Viper> did you have to say that ? :p
<Jobe-Away> why? you tempted to code a module like that?
* Jobe-Away is now known as Jobe
* Botox sets mode: +h Jobe
<+Viper> lol i shouldn't
<+Viper> but then again it might be more usefull then playing minesweeper ;)
<%Jobe> true
Quote: 339; Rating: 20; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Saturday, 12th January 2013
<DBoyz> #1 - find a way to make yourself an irc operator on your server
<DBoyz> #2 - reg your nick
<DBoyz> #3 - identify to services
<Lukario45> Ok
<DBoyz> #4 make sure you have servicesroot on the services side
<Lukario45> How do i add more ranks?
<Lukario45> like & and ~
<DBoyz> only if your ircd supports & and ~
<DBoyz> #5 to be honest, you are not fit to be running an irc server
<DBoyz> #6 lunch time
Quote: 249; Rating: 19; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Sunday, 02nd August 2009
<mooncup> I loves the cocks
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