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Quote: 238; Rating: 14; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Friday, 15th May 2009
* Nick thinks you're both very rude
* Eck faps
Quote: 253; Rating: 35; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Thursday, 05th November 2009
<~chaz> you're all small issues.
<~chaz> =p
<@DukePyrolator> chaz: you are a BIG issue ;)
<~chaz> agreed.
<~chaz> im a pain in the arse.
<~chaz> but i know this.
<~chaz> im comfortable with that
Quote: 380; Rating: 33; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Monday, 15th September 2014
{ % | Aaron } brit
{ % | Aaron } nvm
{ brit } mmm
{ brit } Aaron
{ brit } what
{ % | Aaron } nothing ;)
{ brit } no no
{ brit } hate that
{ brit } aron ask
{ % | Aaron } i just wanted to see a pic of you
{ % | Aaron } lol
{ brit } ah pic
{ + | dax } preferably n00dz if you got 'em
* %Aaron laughs
{ + | dax } you don't get points for not trying
{ brit } i got pic
{ + | dax } well, where is it
{ + | dax } aaaaw she's gone all shy all of a sudden
{ + | dax } no amount of photoshopping is going to truly cut off that cock, brit
{ brit } oh the pic
{ brit } sorry
{ + | dax } that got her attention
{ % | Aaron } LOL
Quote: 59; Rating: 1; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Saturday, 13th October 2007
<Phoenix> :p
<Yates> :p
<Jobe> :p
<BlackWand> :p
Quote: 134; Rating: 4; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Saturday, 22nd March 2008
/Mercutio\ Woo i made 1.42 from the clicks
/@Jobe\ wow
/@Jobe\ I can make that walking down the street
/&chaz\ not from "the dicks" jobe, the clicks mate.
Quote: 124; Rating: 19; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Tuesday, 04th March 2008
< Sheepeep> There is one great feature about Google Maps
< Sheepeep> The street thing, that is
< Sheepeep> You can use it to watch the Google Van street race cars
< Sheepeep> Seriously, I must've followed this car for half a kilometre now.
< Sheepeep> Oh, it's a ringroad =\
Quote: 193; Rating: 11; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Tuesday, 11th November 2008
<@Vash> i remember once... i got into college, a really good one, and then i didn't go.. because i'm retarded.
Quote: 244; Rating: 37; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Friday, 29th May 2009
amanda@anope: The idea is to attract customers, not wave moobs at them in hopes that you'll catch the attention of the ones with ADD :/
chaz@anope: we'd offer a hugs and kisses server service.
amanda@anope: Do I even want to know?
amanda@anope: Is this like...reading goodnight moon to the DC at night then lights out time hugs and kisses?
chaz@anope: no it'd be a pr stunt to show we care.
amanda@anope: Who's a good little Quad core? YOU AREEEEEEEEE *pat pat pat*
chaz@anope: or more appropriately "coo coo, who's making all that noise with their psu fans!"
amanda@anope: Awwww someone's not getting any packets tonight! Bad server
amanda@anope: Bad
chaz@anope: none patching for you naughty server
chaz@anope: oh you're getting a kernel upgrade for that one Mister.
chaz@anope: being grounded is a chroot
chaz@anope: past curfew is a soft quota.
chaz@anope: coming home in a patrol car is a hard quota
amanda@anope: Aww, little Blade cant come out to play today...hes come down with a rootkit
chaz@anope: LMAO
chaz@anope: oh fuck me that's brilliance.
Quote: 277; Rating: 4; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Thursday, 12th August 2010
* CyberBotX has morphed into CBX-PoweredDown
{ dax } finally!
* dax grabs the hookers, partybox, and brew
* @CBX-PoweredDown eats dax.
{ dax } I hope ya cooked me first
{ dax } otherwise you'll be chewing for hours
{ @ | CBX-PoweredDown } I don't need to chew.
{ dax } that practiced with deepthroating? :P
{ @ | DukePyrolator } dax: 1 cbx: 0
{ @ | CBX-PoweredDown } I think not.
* dax concurs with DP
Quote: 90; Rating: 10; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Wednesday, 14th November 2007
<PeterPowell> lucy doesnt seem to realise that when she asks me to read through her C++ i dont have a clue what it does :x
<PeterPowell> the joys of having a girlfriend who is an uber geek :x
<Trystan> they are fun to have.. can have "geek sex"
<PeterPowell> i know!
<PeterPowell> :P
<PeterPowell> she wants to "compile my fantasies"
Quote: 233; Rating: 15; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Tuesday, 05th May 2009
<+Eck> Boris: diaf
<+Boris> Eck: Diaf is die in a fire you fucking chav.
Quote: 176; Rating: -11; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Sunday, 12th October 2008
< mooncup> ok forget this
< mooncup> PARTY AT MY PLACE
Quote: 182; Rating: 13; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Saturday, 25th October 2008
< Niklas> i cant do it. i have made it since yesterday, but i cant do it :-(
<+haltdef> kill yourself
* haltdef is helpful
< Niklas> thx for your help
-!- Niklas [] has left #anope [:-(]
Quote: 110; Rating: 4; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Sunday, 06th January 2008
* Nick shows Viper his bag of spuds...
< Nick> thats sounds a bit wrong eh :/
< Viper> lol
<@Jobe> Nick: foot in mouth
* Nick can taste leather
< Nick> and dog poo :/
Quote: 192; Rating: 8; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Tuesday, 11th November 2008
<&peer> I really need a jobe
<&peer> Job*
<~Amanda> ...fag
<&peer> What?
<~Amanda> You need Jobe
<~Amanda> You are a colon conquistador
<&peer> -.-
Quote: 89; Rating: 22; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Monday, 12th November 2007
<&Jobe> Vash, you should know by now you cant avoid getting quoted, unless you dont speak
<@Vash> :(
<~katsklaw> and you can't speak with my dick in your mouth
Quote: 9; Rating: 21; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Sunday, 26th August 2007
«Alacatu» exists bs_request? backing in the database?
«Alacatu» viper jobe n00bie
«n00bie» oh no!
«Viper» lol @ n00bie
«Viper» i was thinking it
«Viper» you said it :D
Quote: 122; Rating: 4; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Wednesday, 27th February 2008
<~Jobe> !s dead people
<%QBot> There were no quotes that matched your search
<~Jobe> LIES
Quote: 2; Rating: 14; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Saturday, 04th August 2007
<don_will> did u love sw anymore?
* n00bie slaps don_will
<don_will> ohh. c'mon tell me..
<don_will> yes or no?
<n00bie> i'll love her till i die
<n00bie> :]
<don_will> thanks
<n00bie> :">
Quote: 254; Rating: 19; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Saturday, 05th December 2009
<Andrewx> bin/chmod can't access andrewx/services/tools
<Andrewx> Because there is no such directory
<Adam> yea thats a known problem, will be fixed in next release which is soon
<Andrewx> Does that mean my anope won't work?
<Adam> not at all
<Andrewx> So that means i was knowingly guided through installing something that wouldn't work...
<Adam> what?
<Adam> please reread what I said, and think about it
Quote: 390; Rating: 40; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Friday, 19th June 2015
* Cronus licks Yoerger
* @Yoerger hides in a corner
<DukePyrolator> you can stay here and lick and kiss and hold you all the day
* DukePyrolator ( has left #gay
Quote: 94; Rating: 9; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Sunday, 18th November 2007
* &Vash prys into mammy's personal life.
<&Vash> When's your birthday mammy
<&Vash> i see why we're alike
<&Vash> we're both virgo's >.>
<&Vash> except you're more attractive :(
<~[FT]Ranma|WoW> is virgo the samoan word for homo?
<~[FT]Ranma|WoW> yep
<~[FT]Ranma|WoW> XD
<&Vash> awkward
Quote: 76; Rating: 46; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Monday, 22nd October 2007
<macgyverdgi> :(
<macgyverdgi> I'm not in any of the quotes, damn
<macgyverdgi> I think if I talk a little more then you'll quote me
<macgyverdgi> lol
Quote: 206; Rating: 16; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Wednesday, 24th December 2008
<&Boris> !K boris boris boris boris boris boris boris boris boris boris boris boris.
-!- Boris was kicked from #sex by R2D2 [boris boris boris boris boris boris boris boris boris boris boris.]
-!- Boris [] has joined #sex
-!- mode/#sex [+ao Boris Boris] by R2D2
<&Boris> -!- Retard is now known as boris.
Quote: 304; Rating: 24; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Wednesday, 17th August 2011
{ & | Pumtrix } i havn't been on the sirc forums in ages dax
{ & | Pumtrix } i missing anything special?
{ @ | dax } not missing much heh
{ & | Trixar_za } It's mostly unhelpful banter, self-promotion, bitching, stupidity, etc
{ & | Trixar_za } And that's just Shawn
{ & | Pumtrix } rofl.
{ @ | dax } loltrix
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